The water is a vital source for every human and biological phenomena. Today, the management of production resources and distribution of water not only in developing countries but also in developed countries has a high importance. Water is the primary element of every goods and services. 
Water is a national asset. Until 20 years ago the most important national capital was energy but in the future water will be exchange with oil. To make this vision more obvious, it is sufficient to note that for the energy of oil part there are cheaper alternatives. But there is no alternatives for water. 
With attention to the environmental condition of Iran and the growing population and decrease in the capita water per person and the low share of annual rainfall average than global mean (about one third) make the supply management and water distribution more seriously. 
Certainly the role of statistic and data and information related to the amount of use is important in the proper implementation of sustainable distribution and management. 
Accurate measurement of water as an economic good both for the consumer and also for producing has a very high importance, especially for a country like Iran that is located in arid and semi-arid climate.
The exact metrology is the only fair way to determine the amount of water consumption. That is possible with the use of meter. So whatever the meter manufactured from superior technology the results  and decisions will be more accurate. Therefore by installing meter at wells, pipelines, input and output of refineries you can obtain an accurate statistic of the use of water. In addition it could be possible to realize the performance of fixtures installed in wells. 
In this regard, this company obtain the representation of ultrasonic and magnetic meters from 40 mm to 4500 mm from Greentech Innovation from south Korea which are produced according to the latest technology. We hope that by providing high precision meters we could help the management and distribution of water. 

About us

Rastak Noandish development management company with registration number 421697 from the year 1393 officially launched its activities. This company has been formed with experienced and expert workers that has many years of effort and work experience. And have readiness to transfer this experience for implement the infrastructure projects, repair and maintenance and optimum exploitation of water facilities in orbit of its action.

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